Flexday offers productive space like you already buy email or computing power - add seats as you scale up on a per-person basis!

Each member gets secure fast wifi, complementary coffee or tea and power within reach for one flat fee. 

Use it for solo work or small meetings, with options throughout the city and availability every day, including weekends!

Here's how you can get your team set up today:

1/ Nominate a cardholder and add a credit card to their account in the app. We will group all your team members on this credit card.

2/ Have each member of your team make an account in the Flexday app, using their work email address for easy administration.

3/ You will get an invoice with all your charges in the month and a usage report via email that allows for accountability. You can also choose to make changes about who is on your plan as you like by messaging us. 

Let us know you're interested in the chat bubble or this page: https://www.flexday.com/group/ 

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