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How to get a corporate rate on your GoodLife fitness membership
How to get a corporate rate on your GoodLife fitness membership

Take advantage of Flexday's Wellness Partnerhip

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Flexday members move around more than their office-bound peers on any given day. Still, nothing beats the endorphin rush of a good sweat :)

For our active Team Plan and Flexday Superpass members, we’ve worked out a partnership with GoodLife for you to receive up to 45% off your membership!

If you would like to set up a Team Plan or have questions about our memberships, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

Here's the offer:

  • National access to all GoodLife Fitness clubs in Canada, including towel service where it is offered 

  • Access to Energie Cardio in Quebec and 24 Hour Fitness in the US

  • Discount on Goodlife membership rates

  • No initiation fee 

  • Add up to 4 additional members to your account with the same deal! 

Not bad, right? 

To sign up:

  1. Enter the GoodLife Portal

  2. Sign up with your email or social media credentials

  3. Pick 'Flexday International Inc.' as your company/ organization 

  4. Use your email address as your unique referral code 

Note: We do not share any other data with GoodLife - just your referral code to let them know you're an active planholder.

Note: Flexday member emails are sent to Goodlife once a month. For example, if you signed up to Flexday during the middle of the month, please wait until the beginning of the following month to activate your Goodlife discounted membership.

If you have any questions, contact [email protected] or 1.800.287.4631 or drop us a note!

Happy Sweating 😅

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