Flexday members move around more than their office-bound peers on any given day. Still, nothing beats the endorphin rush of a good sweat :)

For our active planholders, we've worked out a partnership with GoodLife to get you a deal of up to 45% on a membership!

Here's the offer:

  • National access to all GoodLife Fitness clubs in Canada, including towel service where it is offered 

  • Access to Energie Cardio in Quebec and 24 Hour Fitness in the US

  • Price is $24 bi-weekly (no contract) or $499 annually (full-year contract)

  • No initiation fee 

  • Add up to 4 additional members to your account with the same deal! 

Not bad, right? 

To sign up:

  1. Enter the GoodLife Portal

  2. Sign up with your email or social media credentials

  3. Pick 'Flexday International Inc.' as your company/ organization 

  4. Use your email address as your unique referral code 

Note: We do not share any other data with GoodLife - just your referral code to let them know you're an active planholder.

If you have any questions, contact [email protected] or 1.800.287.4631 or drop us a note!

Happy Sweating 😅

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