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How to get health insurance with COHIP
How to get health insurance with COHIP
Flexday's Group Health Insurance Provider
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You’re busy. In fact, we’re all busy. 

But busy isn’t a great reason to stop investing in your health. 🙅

Flexday partnered with COHIP to give our active planholders a fast and easy way to get extended health insurance. 

COHIP does this by organizing over 300,000 coworking members across Canada who are either at other coworking organizations or individuals working independently to form a buying group that offers competitive rates and reduced medical underwriting for health insurance.

COHIP was started by an entrepreneur for independent workers and small businesses. That’s why we knew it would be a strong fit for our community!

It’s so easy to enroll that you can get yourself and your household covered TODAY! And, once you’re covered, your plan is yours regardless of your employment status or membership status with Flexday.

I’m now covered through COHIP and these are the steps from my experience.

Step 1: Apply online (takes less than 5 mins)

Start the process by completing the intake form with your information. Select the second option in the left column to waive your application fee. 

Flexday is a member of COHIP and we’ve paid the application fee for all active planholders. If you are not an active planholder, an application fee applies.

Step 2: Speak with Brian (takes about 10 mins)

Brian from Caldwell Insurance is a 10-year licensed insurance agent who will follow up on your application with a short phone call to check which plan is best for you.

There are the usual types of coverage like extended health, prescriptions, dental, etc but Brian can talk you through any other type of coverage you or your family might require like life insurance, disability, critical illness, long-term care and overhead expense coverage.

Step 3: Complete your forms (takes about 20 mins)

Once you’ve thought through which plan makes sense, Brian will send you some necessary forms to seal the deal:

  • Long-form application: More details plus payment options

  • Disclosure: An explainer of what Brian’s duty of care is as your agent 

  • Quote: What you’ll pay if you choose to move forward 

If your employer is paying for your insurance, they’ll need to sign the long-form application and send payment details for your coverage.

Step 4: Get peace of mind (for as long as you want!)

Your coverage starts the day you sign your paperwork. 

It may take a couple of days to get your official policy number for reimbursements, but you can pay for items in your plan and process a claim later.

Your coverage is yours, regardless of any changes to your employment or membership status at Flexday.

A couple of final notes:

  • Flexday does not see anything you share with COHIP or Brian. We will be asked to verify that you're a member to waive your application fee and that's it.

  • It's hard to compare insurance plans apples-to-apples, but most plans are 10-20% less than other self-enrollment options. Mine was about 18% cheaper.

Got more questions? 🤔

Check out the COHIP FAQ or message us anytime! 

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