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Flexday 101: Read me first.
Flexday 101: Read me first.

Some frequently asked questions by new members & teams...

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Welcome to Flexday!

We match teams and employees with inspiring, professional spaces to work and meet. Everything you need is in the app...and, everyone gets a FREE trial.  

Each Flexday location provides a place to set up and work with fast wifi, unlimited coffee and access to phone booths, meeting rooms and private offices.

What are the different ICONS on the map?

Grey / Black Pins = Individual Day Pass locations

Purple Pins = Flexday Suites (curated team spaces for days, weeks or months)

Blue Bells = Flexday Concierge (helps find and book the space you need)

How does a trial work? 

Download the Flexday app and sign up. We've already placed $25 into your account so you can use a Day Pass at any workspace you want without a credit card! Then decide between one of the memberships in the app or hit the chat bubble below to sign up for Team Plans, meeting rooms or private offices.

What do I receive when I use a Day Pass?

A Day Pass give you access to a workspace of your choice and includes secure fast wifi, unlimited coffee and access to phone booths, kitchen and lounge areas.

Once you reserve a spot, you are issued a unique Entry Pass. This verifies that you are a Flexday member and provides details for the wifi network, guest sign-in and information about the workspace. 

What are the costs?

There are three membership options for maximum flexibility. 

1/ Pay as you go. Access to our entire network without minimums or any hidden fees. 

2/ $129 Super Pass. Easy, one-click access to all of our locations. Note that in this package, you get 8 check-ins per month. ($200 value)

3/ Remote Team Plan. The flexible workspace solution for teams of 5 to 500+ employees. All employees receive access to the entire Flexday network starting at $10 per month. It is a very popular employee perk for hybrid and remote companies looking to win & keep the best employees! Includes meeting room discounts, centralized billing and reporting.

What is the start & end time for a Day Pass?

A Day Pass gives you unlimited access to the workspace during the hours posted in the app. Usually 845am to 5pm.

Am I welcome at the spaces listed in the app?

Yes! Flexday is in partnership with all of our listed locations. Check-in using the app and show your Entry Pass when you arrive. 

How fast is the wifi?

All locations have enterprise-grade wifi...more than fast enough for video calls.

Can I make a reservation ahead of time?

Yes, you can make a reservation up to 30 days in advance.  

Can I bring a guest?

We encourage you to bring friends to Flexday! You can easily check-in your guests through the Entry Pass. 

Simply check-in to a location, hit the guest icon on your Entry Pass and enter their email in the designated field. You will be charged on your guest's behalf for the check-in.

What if my stuff gets stolen or something bad happens?

Flexday is a membership-based program, so there is a low likelihood of this happening. In the case of any issues, please let the location staff know and contact Flexday so we can work to resolve the issue with you.

Who uses Flexday?

The Flexday membership is made up of independent professionals, creatives, corporate employees, entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups.

There are 15,000 members as of January 2022.

Can I put my team on Flexday?

Teams are what we do best. We’d be happy to set your team up with Flexday accounts. Open the chat bubble and ask about Teams...our Flexday Concierge service will get you what you need.  

Can I make phone calls at Flexday locations?

Yes. Most locations have private phone booths available. If you are a small group, we recommend you book a private office for the day.

Are private meeting rooms available?

Yes. We have over 500 meeting rooms and private offices available. Open the chat bubble (& in app) and our Flexday Concierge will get you exactly what you need.

Can Flexday find our company an office?

Yes. We have helped many companies find the perfect office. To get started, open the chat bubble and our Flexday Concierge will take it from there.

Different question?

Tap on the chat bubble in the app or email us at [email protected]. 

See you in the network 👋🏽

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