Welcome to Flexday!

We give you access to inspiring spaces to work and meet through a mobile app and your first day is free! 

Each Flexday location provides fast wifi, a member perk like coffee or tea, and power within reach as part of your membership. 

Here are a few tips to help you get started. Contact us any time through the in-app chat bubble if you have questions. 

How does a trial work? 

Get the app and sign up, and we'll deposit $25 into your account so you can access any workspace you want for the day without a credit card! Then decide between one of the memberships in the app or contact us for Group plans.

What do I get for checking in?

Checking in will give you access to workspace with secure fast wifi, a Flexday member perk and power within reach.

The Entry Pass you get upon checking in shows that you are a Flexday member to our location partner and details for the wifi network, information about the workspace and any specials or discounts available with our partner. 

What are the costs?

There are three membership options for maximum flexibility. 

1/ Pay as you go. Access to our entire network without minimums or any hidden fees. 

2/ $99 Super Pass. Unlimited access to all of our locations, hospitality + coworking, 25 options as of July 2020. Note that in this package, you get 5 check-ins per coworking location each month! 

How long is a check-in?

Check-in gives you unlimited access to the workspace during the hours posted in the app.

Am I welcome at the spaces listed in the app?

Yes! Flexday is in partnership with all of our listed locations and they welcome you to enjoy their hospitality outside of the usual meal or entertainment hours. 

Check-in on the app and show your Entry Pass when you arrive. 

How fast is the wifi?

It’s fast enough for video calls.

Can I make a reservation ahead of time?

We don't provide a reservation or book ahead service. If you are scheduling a meeting, please check times for the week in the app. 

Can I bring a guest?

We encourage you to bring friends to Flexday! You can easily check-in your guests through the Entry Pass. 

Simply check-in to a location and enter their email in the designated field. You will be charged on your guest's behalf for the check-in.

You can also share your referral code with a friend! When they sign up with your code you'll both earn $10.

Outside food and drink is not allowed at most Flexday locations, and exceptions are noted in the app. We provide coffee or tea and our location partners have noteworthy kitchens that are open to serve you. 

Check your entry pass for menu options and available discounts.

What if my stuff gets stolen or something bad happens?

Flexday is a membership-based program, so there is a low likelihood of this happening. In the case of any issues, please let the restaurant staff know and contact Flexday so we can work to resolve the issue with you.

Who uses Flexday?

Flexday members are diverse and resourceful entrepreneurs, designers, novelists, business coaches, publicists, non-profit builders, grad students and generally interesting people.

There are 8000 members as of December 2019.

Can I put my team on Flexday?

We’d be happy to set your team up with Flexday accounts. Please let us know you’re interested at [email protected] 

Can I make phone calls at Flexday locations?

Yes! Check the app for locations that are best suited for calls. 

Are there private or bookable meeting rooms available?

All of our locations are first-come first-served, but we get that there are times when you’d rather have the whole space for yourselves. 

If that need arises, contact us and we’ll recommend a space to book.

Can I book a Flexday location for my own event?

Our partners welcome events! Give us details of your plan and we would be happy to work with you to find an appropriate venue to host you. Submit an event request.

Got a different question?

Tap on the chat bubble in the app or email us at [email protected] 

See you in the network 👋🏽

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