On any device, go to your WiFi settings and connect WiFi named: 

Flexday Members

You will be asked to provide a username and password:

Username = your email address used to log in to your Flexday account
Password = On the Flexday app, Check In to the location and the Entry Pass will show the WiFi field. Tap to View to get the one-time WiFi password. 

For Mac

NOTE: If this doesn't work (some Macs do not play nice) - download this secure WiFi config file. Open it and follow the prompts.

For Windows

Step 1: Select "Flexday Members" WiFi name (make sure to check "Connect Automatically" so you only need to log in once). Then enter your email address associated to your Flexday account. To get the password, Check In to your location on the Flexday app, then press "Tap to View" on WiFi field.

** Windows Vista & Windows 7 **


You will need to jump through a few more hoops to connect to our wifi seamlessly. Follow this article

For iOS

Step 1: Select "Flexday Members". Add username and password (Password is added only once and shown on your Entry Pass).

Step 2: You will get a security certificate to hit TRUST. That's it, you're connected!

For Android

Step 1: Select "Flexday Members" in WiFi list
Step 2: Select "TTLS" for EAP Method
Step 3: Select "PAP" for Phase 2 Authentication
Step 4: Leave "certificate" field as unspecified or none
Step 5: Under "Identity" field = Your email used for Flexday
Step 6: Under "Password" field = The password after checking in on the Flexday app, which is in the Entry Pass

OR, try this:

For Ubuntu

For Chromebooks

Join Wifi Network> Advanced.

Type in your SSID

Chose PEAP as your EAP Method

Server CA Certificate Do Not Check

Identity: username

Password: Password

Optional: Save Identity and Password


Click on Connect.

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